The Story of Margeaux Priestly

Margeaux Priestly was founded by Missale Priest and her mother Margaret Priest.  Fashion was always close to the founder and owner, Missale Priest, ever since she was seven years old.  From that age she was her father’s stylist, always picking out his work suits, shirts and ties prior to him purchasing them.  This led to fashion being a form of creative expression for Missale.  She also grew fond of bright and bold colors as well as mixing various prints and patterns.  This led her on a fashion journey of creating clothing and hair accessories that support women in outwardly expressing their inner glow.  

Missale also knew that she wanted to have a family legacy and create Margeaux Priestly with her mother, Margaret, who is a sewing and creative genius.  This was a perfect partnership in their eyes. 

Thank you for visiting our site and seeing how Margeaux Priestly lifestyle pieces can help you say who you are without having to speak!