The Story of Margeaux Priestly

My name is Missale Priest and I am the owner and creator of Margeaux Priestly.  Margeaux Priestly is a luxury accessories brand that focuses on handmade and expertly curated satin lined hair turbans, headbands, earrings and more.  


Margeaux Priestly was created out of the need to find unique, quality hair pieces and accessories to support me in outwardly expressing my inner fashionista and bold personality.  Over the years I've experimented with mixing colors, styles and patterns to create my own personal style.  


Margeaux Priestly is near and dear to my heart since my mother, Margaret Priest, taught me how to sew and cultivated my creative side as a child, always encouraging me to express myself through my own personal style.  


My goal for Margeaux Priestly is to create products that support women in outwardly expressing their inner glow and authenticity through expertly hand crafted and unique pieces.   


Join our Margeaux Priestly family and start unapologetically being YOU! 



Missale Priest


Margeaux Priestly