Wear Bold Colors? #GASP!

Wear Bold Colors? #GASP! 

I am always surprised when I hear someone say, “Oh no Missale, I can’t wear that!” and that they are afraid to wear bold or vibrant colors.  The first thing I think of is “Wait… You are truly afraid to wear bold colors?”  “Like, not even an orange, yellow, pink, green or a coral?”

I began to think a bit about why people (particularly the women I know) feel this way.  While thinking about it, I realized that it’s not the color they are afraid of, it is the fact that they will actually draw attention to themselves.  I then began to think deeper as to why they didn’t want to be seen, as if wearing a pop of neon or orchid equals a huge “Look Here” sign.  

I always thought of bright colors as a show of strength and vibrance!  An automatic show of confidence that illuminates from the person wearing it.  I also find that wearing bright colors allows you to say who you are without having to speak.  It expresses your inner personality and glow that is so needed in the world. 

So next time, reconsider just walking right by that neon blouse, pink pumps or bright orange jacket.  Be BOLD, Be AUTHENTIC, Be CHIC, Be YOU!   

The Original #margeauxgirl