Get Into Turbans…

Hair turbans are here to stay!  Why…because they are versatile, extremely stylish and even functional.  Turbans can transform a super basic look into something fierce, bold and unique.  Turbans are making a big comeback with women wearing them to complement their looks, cover their hair or to just make a fashion statement.  Some women have expressed that turbans are a bit intimidating, however to a #margeauxgirl they are the perfect accessory to express their inner fashionista.

Ok, c’mon…take a journey with me… Imagine waking up on a casual spring Saturday morning, having that great wake up yawn and stretch and thinking…”Hmmm, I’m feeling like I just want to wear a white tee, ripped boyfriend jeans, my cute sneakers and my new Kate Spade cross body.”  But you then realize that your Margeaux Priestly Pow! Pow! turban would go perfectly with this look and spice it up a bit.  You instantly go from super casual and generic to risk taking, bold and a fashionista with one item.

Turbans also constantly prove their versatility because they can be worn throughout every aspect of our lives.  They’ll be right with you for that special work event to that boozy much needed girlfriend brunch to your epic vacation in the Maldives.  They also show that you are edgy, stylish and fabulous without having to say it.

Trust me, they will totally be your new BFF! Get into it and try it out! 

The Original #margeauxgirl