6 Feet Please!!!

While figuring out how to create our new normal with the current state of the world, that also included me and Mom figuring out what face coverings work best for us.

Since D (my partner) was diagnosed with CV in mid March, I have been a nervous wreck.  His case was severe but not as severe as other's we know that ended up in the hospital for days or unfortunately didn't make it.  While taking care of him and working, I think I came down with the virus too when I started having some of the same symptoms.  Thankfully my case wasn't nearly as bad as D's, mostly exhaustion, body aches, fever and chest tightness.    

So while we were going through it here in South Jamaica Queens, NY, mom was in North Carolina making masks to donate to their local hospital.  Naturally, once both of us were stable I began thinking about how we could add masks for Margeaux Priestly.  

Since we were so closely affected by the pandemic, I know I had to figure out the best masks (for us) and how to get them to the public.  We did a few prototypes and decided on a full coverage mask that can be worn by both men and women.  Also a lot of our masks pair nicely with our current products.  Fun, function and fashion!!  We also know how important it is to have a mask that fits well so we offer elastic around your ears or head, your choice.  So we hope you love our masks as much as we do.  

Sending you love, healing and safety during this time!  Love you all! 


Creator, CEO, Margeaux Priestly